Briley Choke Interchange List
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Manufacturer and Gun Type Interchanges With
BSA Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Benelli Mobile Benelli Mobile Choke Type
Benellis Crio Sport Benelli Crio Sport Type
Benelli Crio Plus Benelli Crio Plus Type
Beretta Mobile Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Beretta Optima Beretta Optima Type
Beretta Optima Plus Beretta Optima Plus Type
Black Diamond 12 Gauge Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Blaser 12 Gauge Blaser Type
Browning Invector Browning Invector Type
Browning Invector Plus Browning Invector Plus Type
Caesar Guerini 12 and 20 Gauge Fab Arms Type
Charles Daly Pump and Smi Auto Remington Type
Charles Daly Over and Under Winchester (Win Choke) Type
Charles Daly Side by Side Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Century Arms 12 Gauge Beretta Mobile Choke Type
CZ USA 12 Gauge Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Fabarm 12 Gauge Fab Arms Type
F.A.I.R. I Rizzini Verona Type
Franchi Franchi Type
H & R 12 and 20 Gauge Winchester (Win. Choke) Type
H & R 10 Gauge Browning Invector Type
H & R 1871 Excell Auto 5 12 Gauge Verona Type
Huglu 12 Gauge Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Ithaca Older Models and 20 Gauge Truchoke
Ithaca Current Models 12 Gauge Winchester (Win. Choke) Type
Kimber Kimber Type
Krieghoff Krieghoff Type
Legacy Sports Escort 12 Gauge Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Marocchi Golden Snipe Field O/U Browning Invector Plus Type
Maverick Arms Winchester (Win. Choke) Type
Miroku Winchester (Win. Choke) Type
Mossberg Mossberg Type
Mosberg Ulti-Mag Series Mossberg Ulti Mag Type
New England Firearms 12 Gauge Winchester Type
Pereazzi 3rd Generation Perazzi 3rd Generation Style
Pereazzi 4th Generation 18.4mm Perazzi 4th Generation Style 18.4mm
Pereazzi 4th Generation 18.7mm Perazzi 4th Generation Style 18.7mm
Remington Except Pro-bore or Spartan Remington Type
Rizzini Rizzini Type
Ruger 12 Gauge Ruger Type (Old Style)
Ruger SC Ruger Sporting Type (Current Style)
Sig Arms Verona Type
SKB Standard SKB Type
SKB Competition SKB Competition Type
Smith & Wesson Winchester (Win. Choke) Type
Stoeger Coach, Condor, Single Barrel, Uplander Winchester (Win. Choke) Type
Stoeger Semi Auto and Pump Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Thompson Center Encore Winchester Type
Traditions Semi-Auto 12 and 20 Gauge Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Tri-Star Phantom Field Beretta Mobile Choke Type
Verona LX O/U Verona LX Type
Verona SX Auto Loader Verona LX Type
Weatherby .730 Bore Weatherby .730 Bore Type
Weatherby .735 Bore Weatherby .735 Bore Type
Winchester Winchester (Win. Choke) Type
Winchester Classic DoubleWinchester Classic Double Type
Yildiz Yildiz Type