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Cass Creek Electronic Goose Calling System

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A great benefit for novice and advanced hunters. Self teaching device with other calls. In field game call application (check where legal) an in class teaching device. In field call reference for sound duplication. Clear and accurate tone, pitch, and rhythm game calls help the hunter make the right call at the right time. Quick call playback for repetitive practice. Field tested and no cumbersome player devices needed for operation.

Duck Call
Making the right call at the right time commits that otherwise circling flock to come to the decoys. Cass Creek game calls has recorded five of those right sounds: Highball Greeting- a loud series of notes used to communicate at a distance. Lonesome Hen - Used by a separated female to locate other ducks. Laydown Call - A confidence call used as ducks come to land, talking to others already down. Feeding Call - A low volume call of contentment among ducks in a feeding zone. Comeback Call -A series of drawn out notes attempting to pull back a leaving duck or flock.

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