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Cass Creek Plastic Electronic Predator Call

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Item Number: 84904

A great benefit for novice and advanced hunters. Self teaching device with other calls. In-field game call application (check where legal) an in-class teaching device. In field call reference for sound duplication. Clear and accurate tone, pitch, and rhythm game calls help the hunter make the right call at the right time. Quick call playback for repetitive practice. Field tested and no cumbersome player devices needed for operation. Predator call, Cass Creek game calls have recorded 5 real sounds which will lure in predators Jack rabbit - a low pitched distress call with drawn out tones. Cottontail rabbit - a higher pitched squeal, more excited and urgent call. Coyote howl - a communication call announcing territory, luring other canines. Pup yips - sharp, short tones of young coyotes making maternal calls. Fawn distress- a stressful drawn out call used by young deer when separated from their mothers. Predator II, the advanced predator hunter has to be more cunning than his prey. A good variety of luring calls are a necessity for success. Trying to fool the keen ears of a wary predator is a sporting challenge. Cass Creek now offers five additional calls for specific situations. Woodpecker wail - shrill and piercing repetitive wail. Racoon pups - young coon cries of distress. Kitten distress - helpless feline calls of vulnerability. Gray fox pup - calls of immature fox trigger a territory infringement. Rodent squeal - sharp series of squeaks and drawn out squeals

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